Cabernet Sauvignon Vine Variety

Cabernet Sauvignon
is a vine originating from Bordeaux, in the Médoc and Graves areas, and is undoubtedly the most renowned variety in the world for the production of wines of great quality and longevity. It is often used in blending with Cabernet Franc and Merlot, a blend that has taken the name of Bordeaux, where it was introduced. In Italy there are many versions, both in purity and with other red vines. It has great ability to adapt to the most diverse climatic conditions and winemaking techniques, maintaining its recognizable characteristics while also perfectly expressing those of the terroir. It is capable of producing intense wines already in their colour, rich in tannins and aromatic substances, capable of long ageing; thanks to the great structure of this vine, it is possible to dare long macerations and aging in wood, especially French oak, which allow it to express a complex and fascinating bouquet over time. It has medium, five-lobed and serrated leaves; medium-small, oblong, cylindrical-pyramidal bunch, of good compactness, with an often evident wing; medium-sized berry, almost round, with very resistant skin, blue-black with purplish hues, rich in bloom.

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